Wednesday, March 07, 2012

a girl's best friend...

shopping is a girl's best friend.  that's how it goes, right?

i may (or may not) have gone a little overboard shopping recently.  it started with this melie bianco bag from ruche.  as you can see in previous posts, i've been eye-ing it for months. i really wanted to see a photo of someone holding it, so i could really get a feel for the size.  well, that happened. just as the bag went out of stock.

i stalked ruche for what seemed like forever, waiting for a restock. finally, magically, there was one back in stock! i was taking a bubble bath one saturday afternoon, checking ruche on my iphone... there it was. i leaped out of the bath tub, grabbed my credit card, and ordered it! EUREKA! 

only there was a problem on the site. it wasn't actually in stock. so ruche sent me an apology and a refund.  two days later, it's back in stock (for real!). and i scored one before it went of stock yet again.  it arrived monday, and i'm even more in love with it in person!

 i also may (or may not) have purchased this 1950s sofa and chair... but it was an amazing deal, and is in great condition.  i think of it as an investment. and when i finally find my house, it'll look amazing in it.  and not actually squished in my mother's dining room between the window, a rocking chair, and the table. thankfully she loves me and tolerates her squishy house due to my furniture addiction.

     dress: melissa's (ruche)
     purse: ruche
     belt: gift from melissa (F21)
     cardigan: gift (abercrombie & fitch)
     shoes: aldo
     sofa/chair: vintage

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1 comment:

  1. you just took matching to the next level!!!!

    love the purse, I know I said that in person, but it's so awesome...totally you!