Friday, March 09, 2012

girly friday...

like most businesses, our office is 'casual friday'... which means we can wear jeans!  i don't wear them every week.  i find in the past few months, i'm wearing jeans less and less.  i've finally discovered that wearing a dress isn't necessarily dressing up, and so i wear them probably 90% of the time.

years ago, i was a jeans and tshirt kinda gal.  with vans and converse sneakers. now, if i wear jeans, i need to dress them up and girlify them. such as today. jeans with flowers, lace, pearls, pretty heels... a very girly yet casual friday.

bonus: i just got this floral tank from ruche last week, from their latest lookbook.  i ordered it to wear with blush bow shorts in the spring/summer... but layering it under lace and with dark denim, i thought it was early-spring appropriate!  i absolutely hate buying a new item for the next season and it just sits in my closet, waiting to be worn. 

     top, jacket, shoes: ruche
     jeans: ae


happy friday to you!  i'm off for a drink at the pub with my bestie... and somehow i'm more dressed up for the pub than i was for casual friday! 


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  1. Stacey MacAllisterMarch 29, 2012 11:44 AM

    I love that shirt!!!