Monday, March 12, 2012

my fashion icon...

zooey deschanel.  this girl's style has 'me' written all over it.  every time i see her, whether in a movie, in her tv show 'the new girl', or just photos of her wandering around, i practically die inside wanting her outfit.

i have to say, my 'obsession' started from her movie '500 days of summer'... if i could own every outfit she wore, i'd be set.  i spent so many hours on google images looking through her outfit pictures from that movie, drawing inspiration.  especially this one, of her with shorts and tights.  it was my inspiration for my first 'shorts & tights' attempt with a romper i bought 2 years ago.

from search for 'zooey & shorts', i came across my next love-outfit.  mint cardi and shoes, with shorts.  it coincided with my mint obsession for the past few years.  not to mention her love of shorts with tights, and plaid.

 these two dresses... what i consider to be 'the perfect mad-men party dress' and 'the perfect red skater dress'.  my closet will forever be incomplete so long as i do not own dresses that fit in this category.  my cousin is getting married in june, and i'm really hoping to find my mad men party dress for it.  the red skater dress is the perfect everyday dress, easy to dress up or down!

cardis, dresses, and pleats... need i say more?  i've recently claimed melissa's green cardigan, and i put in a subtle hint for her coral dress as well.  hopefully it looks as good on me as it does on zooey!

cambridge satchel!! i was beyond excited to discover my love for this item before even seeing this photo. 

plaid/tartan.  it's in my scottish genes.

 and finally, her perfect skirt & blouse combos.  love them, from her lots-of-layers looks to her simpley-stated ones.

zooey, you are my fashion icon.

images: wwzdw & google images

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  1. SO AGREE! I love her style so much. And your blog is very cute! Followed!