Monday, March 12, 2012

sunshine happy people...

oh daylight savings time... sometimes, i curse you.  that one hour of time change completely throws off my sleep pattern.  but it also meant that it was still incredibly sunny when i got home from work tonight... with lots of time for photos!  that also means more time for outdoor activities.

today was mild out... don't be fooled, it wasn't actually nice enough for no jacket.  but i was so excited for a nice, sunny day, that i just had to take outdoor pictures.  not to mention i love with the wind flutters a flowy skirt.

i wish i had more exciting monday news to share.  alas, i do not.  today was a very busy, productive work day.  i left feeling like i accomplished everything i hoped to today.  a rare occasion, to be sure.
i was hoping to snowshoe, with this sun and warm weather... but no one was available to come with me, and i'm really not brave enough to venture out alone.

      skirt: ruche
      blouse: melissa's (ruche)
      shoes: lulu's
      belt: gift


happy monday to ye!


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