Thursday, March 15, 2012

the kind that twirls...

today was just one of those great days.

the kind of day that has sunshine, warm weather before spring has officially arrived. the kind where you have on an outfit that you just feel amazing in, because it's comfortable and completely you.
one of those days where people give you compliments that are genuine and you appreciate.

one of those days where you feel like you really accomplish some work (it's been one of those weeks actually).  

just one of those days that make you want to twirl, and you happen to be wearing a twirly dress!

 i know right? woah legs!  and i'm very short skirt shy.  however, hiding under tights tend to make me a bit more secure and brave. plus it was just such a fabulous twirl!

i'm crazy over this skater dress.  i really (REALLY) want a red skater dress.  i have one that i had made for christmas in a forest green, but it's longer, a bit pouffier, and it really feels less casual than an every day skater dress.

 so when melissa was kind enough to lend me her new skater dress, i was so excited.  i really need to grab a few of these, because they're just the best things to wear.  i highly recommend them!

     dress: melissa's (ruche)
     boots: shelly's
     necklace: ruche





  1. I love this blog!
    And this outfit is adorable.
    And, your hair is stellar.