Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring is in the air...

... and inspiring my outfits!

 after reorganizing my closet yesterday, i realized there's quite a few numbers i haven't worn lately, due to them being too spring/summery.  this dress is one of them.  i did wear it with a cream cardigan too work, but it was so nice out, i decided to go for some sleeveless shots!

i paired it with a scarf as a headband, which i've noticed a few of my favourite bloggers sporting for the spring season.  i love the 50s/60s feel of it...
however, being in a place where fashion is very cookie cutter, of course i ended up with some opinions on today's outfit...

one being that i 'look like the pancake lady'... umm, aunt jemima ties her scarf very 40s style. i didn't take the comment to heart, as i'm quite used to less-than-flattering comments on my attire, but it wsan't exactly what i'd call a compliment.  either way, i still love my head scarf.


     dress: trollied dolly
     shoes, scarf: ruche


happy spring.


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  1. I definitely wish I would have bought that dress when ModCloth had my size! So cute!!