Sunday, April 15, 2012

blogger thanks...

 as you can see, i read quite a few blogs.  they're such great inspiration; they teach you how to attempt new styles with your hair, and many of them have a 'shop my closet' feature where you can buy items from them at great prices.

i have to say, two of my favourite hair inspiration bloggers are veronika and katie.  they both have great hair, long with bangs, and are constantly trying new styles.  they're tutorials have been great for days when you just need something new for your hair.  i actually attempted one of katie's tutorials with this hairstyle.  of course, i don't have the knack for it, so mine are always a messier version of her tutorials.  


 i actually purchased this dress from another blogger, meg, from with a sentimental heart.  it was a vintage dress she found and added to her shop my closet.  it's even better in person than in the picture!  the fabric is heavier than i pictured, and the skirt fuller.  it's perfect for spring weather in Canada! i paired it up with a polka dot scarf, but it's great on it's own.

      dress: vintage
      scarf, earrings & shoes: ruche
      belt: came with dress from peacock plume
      tights:  we love colors


even if you aren't a blogger yourself, these are some of the reasons to read & support bloggers.  i used to go to magazines for fashion and hair tips, but now i look to bloggers, and you actually get a bit of an inside glimpse into their lives, rather than just a short article on someone.  it's quite nice.


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