Tuesday, April 10, 2012

tip-toe...on the table...

spring has definitely sprung... at least, so it seems.  the month of march went out with a bang.  we had incredibly warm temperatures for this time of year, some days reaching into the 20s!  of course, it cooled off as, but other than a few days, the temperature stayed above zero.  until april of course.  we actually had snow on easter. which, granted, isn't unusual. but it was uncalled for. 

 however, spring is definitely in the air today.  we even had a few spring showers and i got to haul out my umbrella for some shots.  

the ground is mucky, muddy, and messy. the deck is pretty wet and puddly.  so here i am, on the picnic table, trying to avoid the mess and hide what's left of the snow.
not exactly my smoothest move, but i thought it was pretty fun, tip-toeing on the table.

i'm hoping everyone had a great easter weekend!  mine was pretty jam packed, but i managed to squeeze in some major couch-potato hours, which included some QT with sons of anarchy and braveheart.  these beat chick-flicks any day.  

 i'm pretty sad that my 4-day weekend has already come and gone. the only upside to it is that this week is at least a 4 day week and friday gets here that much faster.
... is it friday yet??

      dress, blouse, earrings: ruche
      tights: we love colors
      shoes: aldo

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