Saturday, August 10, 2013

dress obsession...

as many of you know, i recently purchased a dress that i was coveting for quite some time. the modcloth exclusive 'my kind of pie' dress (worn here).  not only did i love the pattern of this dress, but the cut of it is one of my favourites... shirtdress front, a nice collar, full skirt, and sleeveless.  i've recently realized i love sleeveless dresses for two reasons: 1. i can show of my tattoos :)  and 2. you can dress them up so quickly with a lace top under! 

now that i *finally* have this dress, i'm so tempted to order modcloth's similar dresses.  the quality and fit was just so great, and flattering, that i could probably live with only this style of dress. probably. that being said, i decided to share the similar dresses, in case you've missed them.

can i have them all please?? 

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  1. I love all these dresses too, especially the Kate dress and the bake it or leave it dress! Too bad the latter is only available in XS now. Lovely!

    xox Sammi