Monday, August 12, 2013

vintage mint and cognac...

sometimes you just get lucky with some seriously amazing finds and deals. and sometimes, those finds just go perfectly together.  such was the case with this outfit (in my opinion).   at first glance, i thought this dress was a night shirt.  then i noticed a picture of it paired with a belt, and it was called a 'secretary's dress'... so i thought, that can't be a night shirt.  and it looked so adorable.  i took a gamble and ordered it, and i'm so glad i did.  it's a thick, heavy fabric. definitely not a night shirt! and i got so many compliments on it today! it's very office appropriate, and i always love adding more office-attire to my wardrobe. 

 i didn't think i'd pair the hat and dress together.  when i ordered them, that wasn't my intention at all. i thought i'd mix the dress with chocolate brown (which i like to call a mint chocolate combo, because everything food related just sounds more fun), or black.  but when i got them in the mail, i tried them both on right away, together, because i was in a rush to pack as we were leaving for the weekend, and i just wanted to make sure they both fit and looked ok.  lo and behold, i loved them together.

even better? they go perfectly with my thrifted Saks Fifth Avenue purse that i scored on vacation! this may be on of my favourite outfits yet.  


     dress, hat: Confectionery Vintage
     shoes: Aldo
     belt: from another dress
     purse: Saks, thrifted

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  1. I love this outfit! :D the colors are so cute, and I love that it's also work-appropriate. Followed! ^^ Can't wait to read more! (Mind checking out my blog too? :) I'm trying to pick up my vintage/style posts too!)