Friday, August 16, 2013

Modcloth's for Home Decor...

modcloth recently launched some new home decor items, which i'm loving.  i've fallen in love with so many, i had to create a whole new wishlist, "home decor", just to keep it all organized!!

the Medley in the Meadow blanket is absolutely perfect for our picnic dates!! I feel like he may end up with this under the tree ;)

The Coaster is Clear coasters would look great in our living room!

This Soda They Say cutting board would look great in our kitchen, with the vintage tin cans we have on top of the cupboards!

Admittedly, the last thing I need are more cups in the house. Our cupboards are practically bursting with them now. But these Hero Till the End of the Pint ones just speak to my inner geek!!
This Memories Made Anew floral quilt could be a good replacement option in the master bedroom!! I think the red makes it more masculine... :)

I'm not sure I actually need a napkin dispenser... but this Give Me Some Sugar dispenser is just too fun! Whether it would find a permanent home in my kitchen, or just be hauled out for parties... either way, it would be a fun addition!

 And lastly, the Fairy Home Companion sign would look amazing in my wardrobe!! (sitting on the non-existent shelves that i'm still trying to find...)

Click on over to Modcloth to find some favourites of your own!! ModCloth Retro & Cute Apartment Decor! Shop Now!

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