Wednesday, August 28, 2013


last week, i was fortunate enough to head to nanaimo, bc, (home of the nanaimo bar!) for a conference for work.  it was my first time in western canada. the furthest west i'd gone was ontario. it was stunning, i have to say.  being from the east coast, with harbours galore, one might start to overlook such beauty.  i seem to appreciate it even more.  the harbour in nanaimo has a beautiful walking ramp out in to the water, shops along the pier, and restaurants that practically float.  getting there was part of the most exciting part, flying over the rockies!

 if you ever have a chance to visit nanaimo, i'd definitely recommend it. it's full of charm, streets of cute little shoppes, the old city quarter, amazing restaurants (firehouse grill has the yummiest sushi!!, and acme food has a nanaimo bartini! so sad i only discovered this drink on my last night there). the only thing i didn't like was the four hour time change. i had the hardest time adjusting. it made coming home that much easier though.

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