Thursday, August 29, 2013

reds and sundaes...

sometimes, you have a dress you absolutely love. a dress that every time you wear it,  you make sure your hair is done (not that it looks anywhere near how it did this morning), your makeup suits it, and you accessorize it perfectly. sometimes, you have that perfect outfit day, where you feel fabulous all day. and sometimes, the opportunity for photos just doesn't happen.  this is my predicament with this dress.  i've worn it quite a few times now, and i absolutely love it. i couldn't wait to blog about it... rave about it! so finally, here i go...

this dress was a treat to myself in the spring. it's pricy, and i hesitated buying it for months. but with most of my income tax money being spent responsibly on bills and payments, i felt a portion of it deserved a splurge. and this dress seemed like the perfect splurge indeed. i wouldn't necessarily say that it's worth the price. the fabric is good quality, however the belt that came with it is quite cheap (i've never worn it). it's definitely the brand that you're paying for in this case.  my one caution to any potential buyers: it's quite low cut.  this is something i'm not used to, cleavage... i'm normally quite modest in that.  however, with the rest of the dress being long, with a full skirt, i felt the low-cut of it can be justified. and it's easily covered up with a cardigan for the more modest settings.

this is one of those blogger fails... when you have super messy hair, and you take a few photos before you realize that you're hair is wild and probably ruined an assortment of pictures!

after some deliberation, i decided to invest in a petticoat.  it just adds that bit of extra "phloumff" to a skirt/dress.  and when i sit down with it on, and my skirt poufs up, i have to admit, i feel like a kid and i love it.  and a bonus? it's really soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. a few girls have told me that they double up their petticoats for an even fuller skirt.  i'm not at that point yet, but maybe in the future!

     dress: bernie dexter (modcloth)
     shoes: chelsea crew (c/o modcloth)
     brooch: modcloth
     belt: forever 21
     cardigan: pseudio
     petticoat: american apparel

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  1. I love this dress! I saw it on Modcloth awhile ago. It looks great on you. What an adorable print. :)