Friday, August 30, 2013

where'd all the cardigans go??

has anyone else been on a serious cardigan hunt these past months?? and i'm not talking about just thinking about cardigans because fall is approaching. i've been looking for new cardigans since spring began. i swear, had i known that waist length cardigans were going to be as difficult to find as motorcycle clothes that aren't blinged out, i would have stocked up on cardigans last year.  the only spot i can find them is a local store (or if you're lucky enough to have ship clothing to you, which i'm not, active basic is an awesome cardigan).  i now own this cardigan in four colours. and i swear, if i could find it in more, i'd own more.  forever 21 used to have the best ones, and i'm regretting not ordering them in every colour. yes, this is a plea to forever 21 to bring them back!

but since finding this cardigan, i've finally been able to wear this dress exactly how i've been wanting to.  i've tried it so many different ways... cream cardigan, teal tights... gray tights, teal shoes... but teal cardigan is definitely how it's meant to be. now i'll have the dilemma of what colour of tights to pair it with this fall! (which is fast approaching... days are seriously cooling off!)

does anyone else have the problem of pets photo-bombing your blog shoots?? this happens every time i have the tripod out.  but any time i actually want to take a photo with him, he's impossible to get in front of the camera.

 also new: i'm attempting eyeliner.  this is what happens when i take a day off and i'm home alone with too much time on my hands, i start playing with makeup.  i love tieka's eye makeup, and she manages to pull it off as everyday-wear, so i thought i'd give it a shot.  i'm finding it feels heavy or extreme, but i think it's because i'm not used to it. the most i normally do is a blended shadow along my lash line for day, and maybe a thin black line at night with a little wing/cateye action.  we'll see if this sticks or not.

happy long weekend!

     dress: gift (modcloth)
     cardigan: pseudio (available here)
     shoes: chelsea crew
     belt/earrings: ruche

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