Tuesday, September 03, 2013

who says it's not autumn?

okay. so maybe the first day of autumn is september 22nd. i know that. you know that. but does mother nature know that?  the past few days have been a little brisk, a tad rainy... typical beginning of fall weather.  and who can help but feel fall-ish in september? school starts back. the leaves start changing. i just couldn't help but dress for my fall-ish-ness today. fall colours. a hat. tights. it just felt right.


 i know not every hat can have a pom pom. and really, not all hats should have a pom pom. but honestly, i do love pom pom hats. and if i spot i hat i like, and it has a pom pom, i will automatically love it more.

remember what i said about my fur kids and photo bombing? it's continuing.  hendrix was all over the place in my pictures today.  it may not seem like it in the photos above, because he situated himself in a spot that was easily cropped (thank you hendrix). however, a few uncropped photos below can show you the truth of what my photo sessions look like.

and what was potentially the funnest photo ever, with perfect twirling hair, was lost because my photo-bombing star was in focus. *sadface*
     dress: modcloth
     shoes: chelsea crew
     hat: ruche
     cardigan: local store
     tights: h&m

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  1. You seem to have an obsession with mustard yellow like I do! We should be friends!