Friday, August 09, 2013

if you're a bird, i'm a bird...

i stumbled upon this dress a few weeks ago, and my first thought was how it reminded me of something Ally would wear in The Notebook.  i think it's for that reason that i wanted it so badly.  not to mention that i love the style from the 30s and 40s.  i held off buying it, because it's from the UK, and the shipping was pretty pricey.  not to mention i already have two (1, 2) red and white polka dot dresses in my closet.  i even tried to convince myself to buy the black one instead... but it just didn't have that 'ally' style to it that appealed to me instantly.

on another note, i have a work event coming up this month.  i had ordered a blue one shoulder maxi dress for the event, thinking it would be appropriate. and it was. but man, was it ever not 'me'.  i just felt so out of place in it.  so, i sent that back. that meant i needed to find something relatively quickly, that i knew would be my style, since i wouldn't have time to exchange it or replace it.  i thought a black swing dress would do the trick.  so after looking online, i found one for a great price.  from the same brand as this dress! perfect. i can order both dresses without the cost of shipping increasing (i swear, the black dress really was a great price!).  and so, that's how i came to get this dress in my hands. 

this dress is so comfortable.  the fabric is so smooth, and it just falls so nicely from the hips.  it's one of those dresses that you feel great in, both because of the look and the comfort of it.  and one can never have too many red and white polka dot dresses, am i right?? ;)

     dress: lindy bop
     shoes: chelsea crew
     flower: forever 21

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