Tuesday, October 29, 2013

old, not vintage...

It seems like lately, I'm so loving the 50s/60s fashions that I forget about some of the 'older' items in my closet (read: old, not vintage).  This was once my favourite dress... the peter pan collar, the big flowers, and the colours... not to mention it's insanely comfortable.  But lately it just sits in my closet, because it doesn't have that fitted body and full circle skirt that I've grown so fond of.  Today, I just felt like being comfortable, and this was just the dress for that.

While I may not blog outfits with these boots often, they are my go-to boots for the bike.  Not that I bought them for that, because I didn't.  I bought them for outfits like this.  But again, they are so comfortable, and they just add some fun to jeans, that I think of them as my biking boots now, and because I wear them so often during the biking season, I tend to overlook them with dresses.  Silly me, because that was why I bought them in the first place.

So today was a day where I dressed more like I would have a year or two ago. No less 'me' now, just a bit more 'me' then.  In any case, I still felt stylish while being comfortable.  I need to remember these kinds of outfits and wear them more often.

     dress/belt: ruche (old)
     boots: minnetonka
     tights: modcloth

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  1. I love the colours in this outfit. Keep some of these 'old' outfits coming! K x