Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Peach Goes Green...

 Well over a year ago, I posted about an ongoing project. My then 'den.'  It was a room that was going to be an office/reading room. I painted it peach, and had black and white accents.  I was debating those accents, getting a slipcover for my big chair, and I was baffled how to make that chair fit into the style of my house, the rest of the decor... Then, after Dominic moved in, we decided to give it more of an old study feel.  This is how it started to look as we found furniture and accents for the room... 

For months, we've talked about painting the peach.  We debated colours, greens, browns, blues... and finally decided dark green was the way too go, as it's right off the living room which is mint green, and the colours would still look nice together. Friday, Dominic picked up the paint, and we tackled this project on Saturday.

The first thing I can say is this: Expensive paint is really worth it! It took us just over a gallon, and only two coats of paint, to go from peach to forest green.  I was skeptical, and thought it would take way more paint and coats, but the salesman spoke true. It really is worth the money. We had the whole room painted and put back together by supper time Saturday!


The room definitely has that manly, old english study feel to it now, which is what we were going for. Or as I like to say, the episode from The New Girl when Nick goes into Russel's house... and describes the room as:

“I just came in here and it smelled like Shakespeare. Shakespeare and a cowboy.”

“I want to sit at that desk and veto a law. . .  This desk makes me feel sexually proficient for the first time in my life. It smells like leather. Teddy Roosevelt. Wistfulness.”

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  1. Jana!
    We wanted to let you know we "nominated" you for a Lieber Award! We had no idea what it was when we were nominated either haha. But you can read about it in our newest post:

    We nominated you because we think you're amazing.
    June + Amelia

  2. The study looks fantastic!!! Love that Nick quote too, one of my favs!!

    It took me only one gallon and two coats to finish up my living room/hall with cheapo paint. But took me 3 coats on the walls, and 4 on the trim to do my kitchen/dining with pricier paint! Go figure!!

    Again, love the room!!

  3. Wow this looks so great! Love the feel of the paint with the furniture.

    1. Thanks Delores! It definitely has more of the masculine feel we wanted for this room. :)

  4. Wow -- I think it looks awesome! Not a look I ever would go for instinctively, but it turned out amazing

    1. It was a challenge! The room adjacent to it is mint green... and my boyfriend wanted a dark green in this room. We debated on paint samples for months, and finally went for it! We're both happy with how it turned out, so score!