Monday, February 10, 2014

Vinyl Twirls...

Last week, I received the best ModCloth order. The shirt, the skirt, the bandana... They are all so amazing, and go so well together!

 top, skirt, bandana: modcloth
petticoat: american apparel

This was the essential elegance skirt that I originally wanted, but opted for the blue when it was on sale.  I finally splurged and ordered this one a few weeks ago, and I'm so excited about it.  Obviously I knew how it fit and looked on, but the black version just makes so many new outfit options! I'm excited to try switching it up with items already in my closet.

This bandana is also great for when you want just a single fold look.  It has wires in it, so it makes styling and knotting so easy! I'm sure it's going to come in handy for those days that I need something to spruce up a messy hair day... especially in the summer when I'm out on the bike. Bangs and helmets do not mix, so bandanas are a great option when you take the helmet off!

The print on this shirt is so amazing. There's also a dress in the same fabric, but it didn't have the same vintage feel as this shirt. The collar on it is so perfect, and just a little bit daring.  I already paired it a different way for a more casual night out this past weekend, which I'll be sure to share on the blog in another post. I feel like it's the perfect to shirt to wear out when trying to find some new vinyl to add to the collection! It might bring good luck :)

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  1. This outfit, your hair.. awesome!!

  2. I'm glad you're loving your purchases! I was so reluctant to spend so much on the essential elegance skirt, but it's just so perfect, especially with the way you've styled it <3

    1. I was hesitant to spend so much on the skirt as well! I ended up finding a blue one on sale for 50% off last year, so I ordered that one instead. I loved it so much, I splurged on the black one. :)

  3. That was the perfect package to receive- they look amazing together! You are darling and your house looks amazing :)

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